Lilli Joy Noonan

Almost every school holidays, back when I was going through my primary education, instead of going out and playing with the other kids in the neighbourhood, I would remain inside on my electronic tablet planning out timetables and drawing and designing my own performing arts studio with lots of rooms where I could teach anything I wanted from Broadway Jazz to TV and Film presenting. From a very young age, it appears I always had a vision!  


To get me to this vision, over the past 19 years, I have thrown myself at anything to do with the Arts. I began dance lessons from the age of 3, then singing lessons at the age of 8, whilst being involved in community theatre plays and excelling in public speaking competitions. When I wasn’t dreaming about my future studio in the holidays, I would be attending NIDA programs (National Institute of Dramatic Arts) where my love for drama grew immensely. Then in my teenage years, I dabbled with acting for Screen, rather than stage. I attended weekly lesson at The Warehouse Workshop in Helensvale, run by casting director Tom McSweeney.

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In 2019, after graduating Lindisfarne Anglican Grammar School, I began studying a Trinity College London ATCL Diploma of Speech and Drama, alongside my Bachelor of Primary and Secondary Education at Southern Cross University, Gold Coast. Currently, I am a full-time student and although the workload isn’t fun, I am loving every minute of learning about children and young people! I know for certain that I’ve chosen the right career path.


As this is only a new business, I would very much appreciate if you would all continue to be patient with me. After all, we all should be life-long learners. ;) I am very receptive to feedback, also.


I look forward to meeting you all and personally thanking you for choosing Miss Lilli’s Joys for your child’s Arts Education.